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Terms and conditions for the supply of services

The order to proceed with a translation or provide a service, for which an estimate has been requested, and the conditions have been agreed upon and deemed acceptable by both parties, can be sent in by an e-mail confirming the specifications agreed upon, or a formal order containing the details of the service required and drawn up in accordance with the client's organisational regulations.
However, Planet language services reserves the right to request that a formal purchase order is issued.
Confirmation of a service to be provided by Planet language services, sent in by e-mail or by issuing a formal purchase order, implies an awareness and the complete acceptance of the terms and conditions listed herein.
All orders are subject to acceptance by Planet language services and the due-dates start from the date of acceptance.

Planet language services' commitments

Planet language services undertakes to do the translation or provide the service fully respecting the rules of professional conduct in force concerning the matter and the standard of quality established.
Planet language services undertakes to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the texts it is entrusted with, and insists on the same commitment from all the external professionals who are involved in the assignment. Such undertakings also apply to all the information that Planet language services may become aware of during the assignment, concerning the client, their organisation and products.
Planet language services' liability for any possible mistakes or omissions in the translations is limited to the correction of said mistakes and omissions at its own expense. Such undertaking may not exceed the value of the services rendered by Planet language services in consideration of the actual order. Any liability for accessory, indirect or resulting damage of any nature is explicitly excluded.
Any dispute concerning the services rendered by Planet language services must be made known within fifteen days from the date when the translation is delivered or the service is provided.

Invoices and payment

Planet language services will issue an invoice for the services rendered at the end of each month, payment of which is due after thirty days in accordance with the agreed fixed terms and conditions.
Planet language services reserves the right to apply interest to the extent of 1.5% per month for payments that are not made within the fixed period.
Any administrative and/or legal costs that Planet language services may incur for recovering late payments, including any judicial costs, will be at the expense of the defaulting customer.
For any disputes that cannot be resolved in a friendly manner or through arbitration, the Court of Monza will be the court of competent jurisdiction.

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