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We provide technical translation services in a number of specialist fields, for which we employ human translators who have developed sound specialist skills, terminology, knowledge of specific industries, and have applied those in their translation experience again and again.

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Technical translators should have well-established technical skills and terminology expertise

In general, translating into the native language is not sufficient in technical translation: firstly, technical translators should be capable of understanding the technical terms in the source language (they should understand the specific technical jargon), and secondly, they should be capable of applying the proper and specific technical terms in the target language.
In other words, technical translators should have technical expertise enough to fully understand the meaning of the source text, and should know or be able to discover the specific technical terms to be used in the target text. 
Therefore, it is important that, besides being fluent speakers of the source and target languages, technical translators be expert on the specific sectors, often holding a master of art, science or engineering in the relating subjects.

Technical translation needs effective and up-to-date support tools

The build-up and maintenance of effective and up-to-date terminology support in various languages are fundamental for technical translation.
This requires competence and focus when searching the most convenient technical sources, that often can be reached through specialised websites.
Translation memory management tools and desktop search tools should also be available.
Computer assisted translation tools can speed up the translation work, especially in the case of technical documents, that often exhibit a certain degree of text repetition (like for instance the user or maintenance manuals for similar series of products).
However, these tools alone do not assure translation quality if they are not used by expert technical translators, who know how to give the right priority to the proper terminology search.

This is definitely the case for our translation agency

Our translation process is tailored to the principles above, and has been applied again and again for technical translation in our fields of expertise: engineering, construction and industrial applications, architecture and design, healthcare professions, business and marketing, and many other specialist subjects.

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