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Dictionaries and glossaries to support your translation

When carrying out technical translations, it is good practice to document the terminology search, so creating or enriching specific dictionaries, and accumulating the valuable resources found in an orderly manner. Nowadays, this not only means to be acquainted with the right books and manuals and keep them on the shelf, but also to collect the links to web pages on particular topics, or the web pages themselves, containing useful information that was found credible, accurate, reasonable, and well supported.

Remarkable amounts of support documents have been built up over the years, including translation memories (when computer assisted translation tools were used), source texts, and the related translations. These select documents, to which reference can be made using appropriate desktop search tools, contribute effectively to translation quality, and their enrichment is the key to professional enrichment through learning.

We want to make available some of the dictionaries that have been prepared by our translators here. These are kinds of notebooks, filled in by taking notes when translating, to keep trace of especially difficult terminology searches. The various contribution, note keeping, and presentation styles have partly been reviewed and attuned. We do hope these dictionaries can be helpful to other translators to solve particular terminology problems they come across.

Some of the dictionaries available

Architecture, construction, industrial design (EN-IT)
Automated fare collection systems (FR-IT)
Economics and business terms (EN-ES)
Economics and marketing (EN-IT)
Farm equipment, tractors (EN-IT)
Financial statements (EN-IT)
Food and beverage products (EN-IT)
Food technology (EN-IT)
Law and business contracts (EN-IT)
Lifts and elevators (EN-IT)
Mechanics and mechanical construction (EN-IT)
Medical equipment, clinical research (EN-IT)
Paper and cardboard manufacturing (EN-IT)
Welding and cutting equipment (EN-IT)

Please be advised that we can in no way be held liable, either directly or indirectly, for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the dictionaries mentioned above. Thank you for any recommendations or suggestions: these will be promptly considered.

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