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Working with us

If you are an able and qualified translator, who is interested in and takes great care over the quality of your work, and, having worked in specific sectors, or having done numerous successful translations, you have proven experience, then your interest is most welcome and reciprocated.

Planet language services is interested in enriching its pool of reliable translators, so that it can keep expanding the volume and type of assignments, so maintaining and improving the quality of results.

We may not be able to use you as a collaborator straightaway, but if your professional profile is of interest to us, as soon as an opportunity to use your skills arises, we will offer you a work assignment. As it is not our policy to ask candidates to do a test free of charge, the first assignment will normally be paid, and we will then check it to see whether we have a new professional whom we can rely on.

To apply to work with us, you can send us an e-mail, attaching your CV. You should avoid sending an e-mail directed to a list of addresses, because that would be discarded. Attaching a copy of your identification card or driver's license to prove your identity would be appreciated.

We ask you to be precise when stating your translation specialisation areas, i.e. the main specific sectors, be they technical and commercial or humanistic, in which you have done translations or worked as an interpreter. We ask this because the information will help us a great deal when choosing the right professional with the suitable skills for a specific assignment. Likewise, remember to specify your work experience, i.e. the specific sectors in which you have worked for a sufficient period of time to enable you to gain specific knowledge, forma mentis, terminology, even if you have not yet had the opportunity to use this wealth of information for translating purposes.

If you would like to send in some examples of your translations, you can do so: they will be assessed and taken into consideration when defining your profile in our files. Our address and phone number can be found in the How to contact us section.

All personal details sent to Planet language services will be stored electronically and will not be passed on to anyone else for any reason whatsoever. They will be used solely for enabling us to select the most suitable translator for a particular assignment, and to enable us to get in contact with you in the quickest and safest way.

Planet language services pays all the fees due to the professionals with whom it collaborates on time, in accordance with the agreed rates and conditions.

Planet language services insists on correct professional conduct from its collaborators, and in particular:

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